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A Study on Metaphorical Representations in English and Chinese High-Speed Rail Promotional Films

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.031


Bin TANG, Liwei Chen, Jing CHANG, Ye LI

Corresponding Author



Multimodal discourse can display and convey information to the audience vividly through the interaction of text, image, voice and other modes, thus arousing emotional resonance and persuading the audience. As the important international negotiation discourse, China’s high-speed rail promotional film, a three-dimensional and multimodal metaphorical discourse, plays a very important role in promoting products and establishing product image. Based on the multimodal metaphorical representation theory and Forceville’s multimodal metaphor theory, this paper selects 11 English and Chinese high-speed rail promotional films for analysis, and discusses the basic representation types and modal configuration of multimodal metaphors, as well as the constructed overseas image and competitive advantages of China’s high-speed rail, aiming to help China’s high-speed rail go global.


English and chinese high-speed rail promotional film; Multimodal metaphor; Metaphorical representation type