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The Significance of Liao Rive Culture in Shaping National Cultural Brand

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.028



Corresponding Author



The Liao River culture has a long history and rich content. It is a cultural complex of a variety of regional cultures and multi-ethnic cultures. The Liao River River Basin is an area where various ethnic minorities live in concentrated communities. The cultures of various ethnic groups collide, squeeze, and merge with each other, making continuous historical choices. Throughout the ages, the protagonist of the Liao River River has changed batch after batch. Each batch has created a unique cultural form and introduced high-level cultural achievements. Its outstanding originality and high artistic value have made the culture of the Liao River River Basin Resources have increasingly possessed the powerful advantages of building a historical and cultural brand in Liaoning province and have become a precious historical and cultural heritage.


Liao river culture; National culture; Artistic brand