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A Study of Translation in Intercultural Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.025


Huiling Cao

Corresponding Author

Huiling Cao


From the perspective of cross-cultural communication, this study analyzes and expounds the social, historical and cultural functions of translation by combining the principles of cross-cultural communication and the application of descriptive translation research methods. In addition, this study puts translation in the context of cross-cultural communication, and explores the irreplaceable role of translation activities and translated works in the social, historical and cultural changes of the target language from a macro, dynamic and external perspective. It highlights the social and cultural status of translation and its important social and cultural functions. It provides a theoretical basis and historical reference for the introduction and utilization of foreign culture and the promotion and development of Chinese culture under the background of cultural diversity and globalization.


Translation studies; Cultural transmission; Translation function