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Analysis on the Application of Furnishing Art in Interior Design

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.023


Guangyu Luo

Corresponding Author

Guangyu Luo


Furnishing art is an extension of interior design. It mainly explores the placement and collocation of decorations and artworks. Some people have always believed that furnishing art is a simple and personal choice, but in essence, the elements of furnishing art are extremely rich, especially the element symbols, special styles, etc. are the core parts of the current furnishing art. In the interior design, the art of furnishings is regarded as a key part, which is mainly to deepen the design of the fixed overall shape, enhance the artistry of the entire space, and ensure that the design effect of the space is further enhanced. At the same time, the integration of furnishing art also makes the visual effects of interior design more diversified, ensures a higher degree of freedom in space processing, and meets the current people's core needs for interior design. This article will start with the types of furnishing art and comprehensively explore the application of furnishing art in interior design.


Furnishing art; Interior design; Interior decoration