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Research on the Application of Fractal Theory in Interior Design

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.022


Yufeng Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yufeng Zhang


With the development of society, people are showing a trend of diversified needs for living space, and the requirements for interior space design are getting higher and higher, hoping to obtain a high-quality space experience to meet their multi-dimensional requirements for the environment. However, because the current interior design works generally pay too much attention to market changes, it directly leads to the repetition and standardization of spatial forms. Most people believe that such conventional design forms do not meet their own individual pursuit. Therefore, people began to try the uniqueness of interior design, strengthen the sense of space experience, and in form, began to emphasize the application of natural forms. Among them, the emergence of fractal theory can well solve the problem of excessive standardization and modernization of interior design content while ignoring the natural senses. In view of this kind of situation, this article will start with the significance of the application of fractal theory in interior design, and fully develop the application research of fractal theory in interior design.


Fractal theory; Interior design; Applied research