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A Study of the English Translation of the Analects from the Perspective of Receptive Aesthetics

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.020


Lingjuan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Lingjuan Zhang


With the continuous development of culture, reception aesthetics has gradually developed into a theoretical model widely recognized by the public. Under the theoretical concept of reception aesthetics, it is required that readers and authors build a mutually integrated relationship. When creating a novel, it must be combined with whether the reader can truly understand the meaning of the text, and how the reader is the creation. This is widely popular among many translation works in China. The success of translation works lies in the reader’s ability to understand the text, Understand the text and obtain meaningful information and ideas from it. In recent years, China’s Confucian literary work “The Analects” has been translated into languages around the world. As a representative of the spread of China’s excellent culture, more and more foreign countries Readers understand Confucian culture and Chinese culture, so under the guidance of aesthetic theory, we have to translate more Chinese literary classics and disseminate them to all over the world, promote excellent Chinese traditional culture, and enhance China’s cultural soft power and international Influence.


Reception aesthetics; The analects; English translation studies