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Form and Function: Comparing and Contrasting Two Portraits

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.017


Jingyi Sun

Corresponding Author

Jingyi Sun


Painting creation reflects reality, expresses aesthetic feelings, and expresses thoughts and feelings through content, composition, space, color and technical expression. In this way, the formal beauty of the painting is naturally integrated into the work, thus realizing the unity of the beauty of form and the beauty of content. The interior of the painting form implies questioning the long-term rigid definition of “form” and “function”, which leads to new thinking about the content that is inseparable from the form, and the form itself also contains content. , Have a long history. In its development process, a rich variety of forms also appeared. The elements that should be included in a successful portrait should include the following: the figure's appearance, appearance, and physical characteristics; the character's charm and personality; the character's identity, life background, and experience. Important factor. In the era of diversified painting art, the head of a black man by Théodore Géricault is compared with the portrait of a Neapolitan woman by Jean-Honoré Fragonard. The analysis of these two portraits integrates “form” and “function”, enriches the painting language and broadens the aesthetic horizon.


Form and function; Painting art; Work analysis