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On the Obscure Youth Love in “the Dancing Girl of Izu”

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.007


Jian Tao

Corresponding Author

Jian Tao


Yasunari's Kawabata masterpiece “The Dancing Girl of Izu” reflects the life of a dancing girl with ill-fated and ill-fated lives in the hot spring area of the Izu Islands, a tourist attraction in Japan, like a migratory bird. The protagonist Kunko is a very beautiful, innocent and innocent girl. Her words, deeds, voice and smile are beautiful. However, she was severely discriminated against and contemptuous by the people, and then played and excluded. This contrasted sharply with her beautiful image and heralded that her future destiny is the destiny of suffering. The writer depicts the posture, posture, voice and smile of young dancing girls with lyrical and beautiful brushstrokes, and cleverly uses traditional Japanese folk music and the unique scenery of natural mountains and rivers to set off, creating an indescribable taste and realm that makes readers feel emotional A strong infection. His works have received the attention and praise of many domestic and foreign readers.


Yasunari kawabata; “the dancing girl of izu”; Obscure; Youth love