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Analysis of Inheritance Value and Protection Principle of Hunan Huagu Opera Based on Media Integration Background

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DOI: 10.25236/ICHCAD.2020.003


Jiajia Liu, Yan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yan Zhang


Hunan Huagu Opera is the general name of Hunan folk opera, which is loved by the people with its singing and dancing, popular and lively, humorous artistic style, and is one of the local traditional operas with the most Hunan cultural characteristics. With the diversification of urban life and the establishment of various new entertainment places, Huagu Opera once fell into the crisis of no one watching. Chinese excellent traditional culture contains the cultural genes of the Chinese nation and is an important part of the common spiritual home of the Chinese nation. It is necessary to do a good job in the inheritance of Hunan Huagu Opera, face the problems existing in the inheritance of Huagu Opera, and put forward reasonable development measures. Only by always adhering to the correct path of cultural inheritance, paying attention to the protection of traditional culture, and constantly innovating by using media technology can we better inherit Chinese excellent traditional culture. In this paper, the communication mode of Huagu Opera under the media is studied, aiming to dig deep into the original folk cultural resources and explore the inheritance value and protection principles of Hunan Huagu Opera.


Melt the media; Cultural inheritance; Hunan huagu opera