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Prospect of Mathematics Education Reform in China under the Background of Blockchain Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.191


Congrui Li

Corresponding Author

Congrui Li


With the continuous progress of science and technology and the continuous development of the times, the teaching mode of mathematics is constantly changing, and the progress is in line with the development of the times. Because the information age has come, many teaching techniques closely related to the Internet have been put forward, in the process of mathematics education reform, the use of these techniques can be very effective to improve the teaching effect. Block chain technology is a typical representative. With the increasing maturity of block chain technology, it has played an important role in the reform of mathematics education in China. Modern teaching means and teaching mode are inseparable from block chain technology. China is also constantly pursuing quality education, that is, to improve the students' comprehensive literacy, such a process is naturally inseparable from the support of modern blockchain technology. Under the environment of advanced technology such as block chain, the core of mathematics education reform is to help students change the traditional mathematics learning mode, help students adapt to the new era of mathematics learning mode, so that students' mathematics core literacy can be effectively improved.


Blockchain Technology; Mathematics Education; Education Reform; Mathematics Education Development Model