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Study on the Practical Teaching of Folk Fine Arts in Yunnan Local Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.189


Rui Yao, Jianxiong Liu

Corresponding Author

Rui Yao


Our country has a vast territory and various forms of folk art and culture among various regions, which has great value for the culture and appreciation among regions, especially in the local region of Yunnan, where the local nationalities of Yunnan see art all over the Yungui Plateau, which is an efficient embodiment of the image of Yunnan ethnic minorities. The full integration of ethnic folk art into the local high-efficiency art major of Yunnian can not only inherit and continue the form and spirit of folk art, but also help to realize the diversified development of local high-efficiency art major in Yunnan, increase the educational form of art science, highlight the regional specialty of art major in colleges and universities, and help to realize the practical development of art major in Yunnan local colleges and universities in China. Therefore, the educators of fine arts major in colleges and universities need to deeply explore the way of practical teaching to realize professional and efficient education teaching.


Yunnan local; University Fine Arts; Civil Affairs Folk; Fine Arts Practice Teaching