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Training Research on Improving the Application of Short-range Technology in Boxing in Actual Combat

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.187


Yulin Xing, Jinmei Lin

Corresponding Author

Yulin Xing


Close distance technique in boxing is one of boxing techniques, which enhances the boxing ability of trainers by improving the close distance technique in boxing. In order to improve the training level of the trainer, close distance technique training should be combined with the actual ability of the trainer. In order to ensure the effective application of close range technology in boxing by trainers, actual combat training is essential in order to continuously help trainers accumulate practical experience and win in the competition. By analyzing the effect of boxing technique training, this paper puts forward the application strategy of close distance technique in actual combat, which is intended to improve the actual combat ability of trainers.


Short Distance Technique in Boxing; Actual Combat Training; Applied Strategy