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The Innovative Practice of the Development Path of Higher Vocational Continuing Education Under the Background of Promoting the Modernization of Educational Governance System and Governance Ability

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.185


Song Du

Corresponding Author

Song Du


Quality education is an important grasp of the construction of education system and personnel training in schools. It provides theoretical support for people's types and how to support people. We should integrate quality education in universities and actively explore the implementation path of quality education. As a Maritime Vocational University, Jiangsu Maritime College will seize the opportunity of building a demonstration school and explore new ideas of quality education in combination with the characteristics of the school. To establish a curriculum system with equal emphasis on two aspects of quality and a content system of quality education, we will focus on improving the marine cultural characteristics of the campus and emphasizing the educational characteristics of the school..


Maritime Vocational Colleges; Quality Education; Professional Education; Practical Exploration