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An Analysis of the Influence of Opera Performance on Vocal Music Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.184


Ning Li

Corresponding Author

Ning Li


With the further development of the reform of the national education system, the social strata pay more attention to the artistic and cultural literacy, and put forward new development requirements for the current vocal music teaching in China. The current vocal music teaching has gradually integrated opera performance into the daily classroom teaching practice, aiming to improve the students' learning and training of vocal music theory knowledge and practical skills from the aspects of language control ability, emotional expression ability and stage performance ability, and to cultivate a high level of complex professional talents. Based on this, this paper will combine the definition of vocal music and opera performance, and elaborate the influence analysis of opera performance on vocal music teaching, which is only for the reference of relevant people.


Opera Performance; Vocal Music Teaching; Promoting Influence; Analysis