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On the Construction of the Course of "Smart Policing of Urban Rail Transit"

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.178


Nan Zhou

Corresponding Author

Nan Zhou


In the development of modern information technology and the renewal of the concept of police, the information is that "the basic collection is standardized for storage, as well as the application of the system" from the intelligent fusion of multi-directional data sharing, the depth of big data is transformed into. In addition, data association mining analysis, new police working mode and method come out. In line with this trend, the railway police college has developed the "urban intelligent police" course based on application and innovation. Based on the characteristics of various kinds of data generated between the work and work of the existing urban railway traffic police, the stadium is closely related to the work and unity of the urban railway police. Students' creative thinking can not only stimulate the basic theory and application technology of "intelligent police".


Urban Rail Transit; Smart Policing; Big Data; Course Construction