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The Practice and Thinking of the Higher Mathematics Flipping Classroom Based on Moo

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.174


Jianbo Sun

Corresponding Author

Jianbo Sun


How to apply Internet technology to the classroom in the course of higher mathematics teaching is a problem worth studying. "Mu-class" is actually a wide range of online courses (Massive Open Online Courses), it exists in the meaning of "bring the world's best educational resources to all parts of the world" advanced concept, until today Mu-class is still popular around the world. The importance of Mu class also lies in its abundant teaching resources, which breaks the space limitation of traditional teaching. This is a kind of teacher creation learning video of "flipping classroom" in China at present, students watch it at home or after class, and can carry out operation practice completely, return to classroom teachers and students face to face communication and complete homework teaching table. The appearance of "flipping classroom" replaces the lack of traditional classroom teaching, highlights the main position of students and promotes the transformation of teaching methods. This paper focuses on the practice and thinking of the flipping classroom of higher mathematics based on Mu course.


Mousse Class; Advanced Mathematics; Flipping Class; Practical Thinking