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A Preliminary Study on the Teaching Design of "Hospice Care" Based on the Epidemic Phenomenon of New Coronary Pneumonia

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.168


Yulian Huang, Anjing Wu, Zhongjin Yao

Corresponding Author

Zhongjin Yao


Under the guidance of the State Health and Health Commission's Bureau of Disease Prevention and Control, the China Mental Health Association organized experts to cooperate with the contents of the latest guidelines issued by the State Health and Health Commission on public psychological and social support, and compiled a guidebook on psychological self-help and guidance for the public in pneumonia with new coronavirus infection, which is used to guide people to relieve psychological stress, improve their psychological immunity, enhance their confidence in overcoming the epidemic situation, and rebuild psychological and epidemic prevention dams for the public, especially for patients with new coronavirus pneumonia.


New Coronavirus; Hospice Care; Teaching Education