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Study on the Application of "Eight Unity" in College Students' Ideological and Political Practice

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.164


Moli Xiong

Corresponding Author

Moli Xiong


In the future, the key to how to cultivate high-quality talents lies in the teaching system and teaching mode, so the university education in China has a long way to go. College students in the new era should hold higher demands on themselves, so as to resolve all kinds of learning obstacles and ideological troubles, and constantly realize the great progress and effective promotion of individuals in the process of learning. The ideological and political teachers of the university should carry out the teaching mode of "eight unified" all the time, cultivate a group of students with thought, ability, responsibility, thinking and innovation ability, and make them contribute to the development of China.


University Education; Ideology and Politics; Eight Unification; Applied Research; Analysis Explanation