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Problems and Strategies of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Consciousness of Higher Vocational College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.161


Zhengfeng Ren

Corresponding Author

Zhengfeng Ren


Foreign education field has begun to attach great importance to the innovation and entrepreneurship education of higher vocational college students. Since the reform and opening up, various domestic higher vocational colleges have begun to pay attention to students’ innovation and entrepreneurship education activities, and constantly enhance their attention to relevant work, and have made remarkable achievements by diversified measures. According to the specific situation of innovation and entrepreneurship education in higher vocational colleges in China, this paper analyzes the problems existing in the innovation and entrepreneurship consciousness of higher vocational students, and makes targeted measures to cultivate and enhance higher vocational students’ innovation and entrepreneurship awareness.


Innovation and entrepreneurship consciousness; Higher vocational students; Problems; Strategies