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An Overview of the Innovation of Ideological and Political Teaching Work in Colleges and Universities under the Background of New Media

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.155


Chunlin Cai, Hui LI

Corresponding Author

Chunlin Cai


In the ideological and political teaching work of colleges and universities, the good use of new media has an important influence on the innovation of teaching work. The use of new media can not only greatly reduce the pressure on teachers, but also effectively meet the expectations of students for teaching development. At this stage, colleges and universities are fully aware of the necessity of innovation in ideological and political teaching under the background of new media, and through innovation, optimizing traditional teaching modes, enriching ideological and political teaching development methods, and providing students with independent learning platforms, etc., to encourage college ideological and political teaching to welcome Here comes a new opportunity for development. Therefore, we should promote the good use of new media in ideological and political teaching.


New media; Ideological and political teaching in colleges and universities; Teaching innovation