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Research on the Reform of “Major + Minority Languages “Curriculum under the Background of Yunnan “Radiation Center” in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.139


Xiaoxiao Wu, Ourong Jiang, Jinping Ding, Zhenting Li, Li LI

Corresponding Author

Xiaoxiao Wu


With the deepening of cooperation between China and ASEAN countries in various fields, such as politics, economy, culture and education, the compound high-quality cultivation model of “major + minor language” talents has become a hot spot of social concern. With the background of Yunnan’s construction of a “radiation center” towards South Asia and Southeast Asia and “proceed from reality” as the theoretical guide, “cultivating the talents that meet market needs” is the basis for curriculum reform under the “major + minor language” talent cultivation model. Based on the background of Yunnan “Radiation Center”, this article explores the “major + minor language” curriculum reform of Yunnan College of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Language from the aspects of talent cultivating model, curriculum setting and curriculum evaluation system.


Radiation center; Higher vocational colleges; “major + minor language”; Curriculum reform