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Research on the Development Strategy of Humanistic Quality Education from the Perspective of the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.138


Xuemei Sun

Corresponding Author

Xuemei Sun


From the perspective of the new era, strengthening humanistic education in higher vocational colleges is an inevitable requirement for high-quality professional and technical personnel to meet the needs of modern society. In the construction and reform of higher education, attention should be paid to the successful experience of high-quality humanistic education at home and abroad. Analyze the main reasons for the delay in humanities education in our country, and put forward relevant requirements and propositions. It is necessary to conduct a detailed investigation and analysis of the humanistic quality education in higher vocational colleges, and through bold exploration and practice, some countermeasures to continue to improve the humanistic quality of college students are given.


Higher vocational education; Humanistic quality education; From the perspective of the new era