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Analysis on the Value and Application of Folk Games in Kindergarten Education and Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.135


Yuhong Lei

Corresponding Author

Yuhong Lei


Preschool teachers must fully consider the objectives of teaching and children's growth needs, and on this basis appropriate adjustment of kindergarten education strategy, make good use of the folk game this new form, create an environment suitable for the emotional development of children, so that children can learn in entertainment, to ensure the rapid development of children's ability. Specifically, is to, from the perspective of the folk games in kindergarten education teaching value, make full use of multimedia to create diversified folk game situation, and according to the children's actual needs, combined with the local folk custom games, folk games penetration into the whole process of teaching, so as to guarantee the application effect of folk games in early childhood teaching.


Folk games; Early childhood education; Value; Using