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Discussion on the Effective Ways to Improve the Basketball Training Skills of Higher Vocational Students

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.134



Corresponding Author



In the form of the modern concept of national sports, sports training has become the focus issue concerned by people from all walks of life. In many sports training projects, basketball has become the first choice of many universities, middle schools and primary schools, and its advantages in the field of competitive sports are more and more obvious. Therefore, we should pay enough attention to the sports training and development of basketball. For higher vocational students, their physical conditions have been relatively strong, which provides a good advantage for basketball training and learning. How to effectively improve the basketball training skills of higher vocational students is a problem that we need to pay more attention to. After all, good basketball skills can not only rely on the advantages of higher vocational students, but also focus on the cultivation of skills. Therefore, this paper first investigates and analyzes the current situation of higher vocational students’ basketball training, and then analyzes the improvement strategies of corresponding skills according to the current training situation.


Higher vocational students; Basketball training skills; Effective promotion methods