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Research on the Strategy of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture in the Construction of Higher Vocational College Chinese Curriculum

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.130


Honghong Chen

Corresponding Author

Honghong Chen


Culture belongs to a nation's blood and spiritual home, and Chinese traditional culture has been enriched and deposited for thousands of years, which makes Chinese traditional culture a unique spiritual symbol of the Chinese nation, and a major driver of Chinese Dream. As an important carrier of inheriting traditional culture, Higher Vocational College Chinese curriculum needs to shoulder the heavy responsibility of inheriting and developing Chinese excellent traditional culture, and actively integrate Chinese traditional culture into the construction of Higher Vocational College Chinese curriculum, to enable students to learn and understand Chinese traditional culture. Therefore, higher vocational colleges need to find the right focus and Fulcrum to ensure the effective inheritance and promotion of Chinese excellent traditional culture in the construction of Chinese courses, and in the whole process of personnel training need to implement the excellent traditional Chinese culture, to help students establish national cultural self-confidence.


Higher vocational college; University; Construction; Chinese course; Chinese excellent traditional culture