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Assessment Method on the Utilization Benefit of Academic Electronic Databases in University Library Based on Outcomes of Scientific Researches

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.126


Guihua Li, Li YANG

Corresponding Author

Guihua Li


The purpose of purchasing electronic databases (EDBs) in university libraries is to meet the needs of discipline construction and academic researches. Therefore, the quantified outcome of a scientific research is an indirect indication of the utilization benefit (UB) of an EDB for the academic purpose (AP). In this article, an assessment method on the UB of EDBs for academic activities is proposed with the quantitative outcome of academic researches as the first-level indication, the dependence degrees of acquisition of an achievement on all related EDBs and a specific EDB as the second- and third-level indications, respectively. To examine the feasibility of the method proposed in this work, a case study is conducted based on the detailed data of academic achievements in 2019 provided by Yunnan Normal University and a questionnaire survey about the use of five typical EDBs in the library for funding projects, research papers, academic books and other academic activities. The results show that the CNKI is the best, followed by Elsevier SD, and Superstar Books worst in terms of annual UB of a single EDB for AP.


University library; Academic electronic database; Utilization benefit for academic research; Assessment method; Case study