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University Students' Cultivation of Science and Technology Innovation Ability Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.122


Qinqin Zhao

Corresponding Author

Qinqin Zhao


The evaluation of college students' innovative quality plays an important role in cultivating innovative talents. Because the innovative qualities of college students are comprehensive, hierarchical, ambiguous, and other characteristics, they are influenced by many factors such as innovative consciousness, innovative thinking, innovative ability, and innovative personality. Some commonly used quantitative and semi-quantitative methods include AHP and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation. The assessment of the overall quality of college students is an important measure to improve the level of education management, promote the improvement of the overall quality of the college students, and promote the all-round development of the different countries. Although most colleges have implemented the evaluation of college students' overall quality, the main evaluation criteria are still the students' test scores, and they are not comprehensive enough in measuring the overall quality and ability of college students. Based on the comprehensive and multi-angle requirements for the evaluation of college students' comprehensive qualities, this paper constructs a hierarchical structure model for the evaluation indexes of college students' comprehensive qualities. On this basis, the relative weight of each index is calculated using fuzzy analytic hierarchy process, and then a comprehensive evaluation of the comprehensive quality of college students is made using the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method.


Analytic hierarchy process; Clustering model; Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method; College students; Scientific and technological innovation ability; Skill training