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Construction of “Ecological” College English Practical Teaching System

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.117



Corresponding Author



Ecology is a science that studies the relationship between organisms and their surroundings. To some extent, the process of English teaching is an organic ecosystem. English teaching engineering keeps the organic balance of college English teaching system through the continuous connection and application of various parts. The goal of English teaching from the perspective of ecology is to train high-quality English practical talents and improve students' English application ability. How to cultivate students' innovative thinking and ability in college English practice teaching is a topic of great significance and application value. In order to effectively cultivate students' English practical ability, improve students' English comprehensive application ability and achieve the goal of improving college English teaching quality, this paper attempts to construct an ecological college English practical teaching system, create an English atmosphere, provide a very suitable environment for English learning, and cultivate students' English practical ability and English comprehensive application ability.


College english; Practical teaching; Ecology