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Research on the Creation of Golden Courses in College Public English Classroom Based on Online Open Courses

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.116


Pengling Duan

Corresponding Author

Pengling Duan


The development and changes of the times have brought great impacts and challenges to education and teaching. The creation of “golden course” in college English mainly focuses on the classroom teaching mode of teacher-student interaction and the improvement of students' learning ability, and can also avoid the emergence of “cramming” teaching mode. The application of online open courses in the information environment provides new opportunities for college public English teaching mode, and also puts forward higher requirements for college public English teachers' comprehensive literacy, especially information literacy. Under this background, “online open course” emerges as the times require, which truly realizes the cross domain sharing of curriculum resources. Online open courses have a great impact on the traditional classroom teaching mode in Colleges and universities, and put forward higher requirements for the information literacy of College English teachers. Based on this, this paper discusses the development path of College Public English teachers' information literacy, aiming to provide some reference for the construction of “golden class” in College Public English classroom.


Open online courses; Public english; Golden course