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Application of Online and Offline Teaching Based on Transformative Learning in Biochemistry Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.112


Yan SHI, Chunjing Zhang, Shuyan Li, Di JIA, Chao YANG

Corresponding Author

Shuyan Li


The third global medical education reform put forward a medical education model with system as the center, post competency as the guide and transformative learning as the core. Now, it has become the main guiding direction of medical education reform in China, which is a learning model of memory-based learning and further development after formative learning. With the high-speed development of information technology, digital, artificial intelligence, the advent of the era of 5G network, the traditional mode of teaching learning into online and offline teaching. On the basis of transformative learning, in the biochemistry of the important medical basic course teaching, we will develop online teaching innovation, combine the basic theory with clinical application, train high-quality medical talents to meet the needs of society.


Transformative learning; Online and offline teaching; Biochemistry teaching