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Research and Application of Teaching Mode Based on Htc Vive Somatosensory Interactive Classroom

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.110


Wenpeng Hu

Corresponding Author

Wenpeng Hu


The teaching mode, which is based on HTC VIVE sematosensory interative classroom, combines human-computer interaction technology and uses mobile terminals to collect human motion data and scene data to drive virtual roaming actions, so as to realize the use of somatosensory feature recognition to operate human sports activities and complete teaching activities. This has become the future trend. This article starts with the system design flow of HTC Vive somatosensory interactive virtual reality technology, introduces the application of interactive classroom teaching mode, and finally puts forward suggestions for the future promotion and development of this teaching mode.


Somatosensory interaction; Scene construction; Scene roaming