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Construction and Practice of the Characteristic Water Culture Education System in Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.109


Chunyao Dai, Junhong Zhang

Corresponding Author

Junhong Zhang


Colleges and universities undertake the mission of cultural inheritance. Excellent traditional cultural education is an important content of college ideological and political education. Chongqing Water Conservancy and Electric Power Vocational and Technical College has fully explored the advantages of teaching resources in the water conservancy industry, integrated water culture education into the whole process of talent training, and created water culture The campus environment is an immersive education for students; through the creation of water culture education classrooms, students’ basic knowledge will be consolidated, students’ solid professional skills will be cultivated, and the valuable qualities of “loyal, clean and responsible” of students will be cultivated, “scientific and realistic The value orientation of “innovation and innovation”; through the construction of a water culture education guarantee system, the faculty and staff of the college are encouraged to be down-to-earth, be proactive, and strive for excellence. Through the above measures, the quality of the college's talent training has been improved.


Water culture education; Chinese traditional excellent culture; College talent training; Environmental education