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Research on Higher Vocational Chinese Aesthetic Education from the Perspective of Aesthetic Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.107


Kongsheng Guo, Runping Ye, Jing LI

Corresponding Author

Jing LI


Aesthetic education not only has a very important position in higher vocational education, but also an important content of higher vocational Chinese teaching. However, the current imbalance between material and spirit and the dissolution of cultural spirituality have seriously affected the implementation of aesthetic education in higher vocational education. Because aesthetic education and higher vocational Chinese teaching have a very good fit, from the perspective of course content and the implementation of aesthetic education, the higher vocational Chinese course does have certain unique advantages. Therefore, from shaping the beautiful mind, creating the beautiful character, improving the understanding of beauty, enhancing the perception of beauty, cultivating the taste of beauty, cultivating the emotion of beauty, and the ability to create beauty, All can enable students to get the cultural influence of truth, goodness and beauty in the subtlety of higher vocational Chinese.


Aesthetic culture; Vocational chinese; Aesthetic education