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A Study on the Project-Based Learning Mode with the Ideological and Political Education for Mechanical Design Course

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.103


Chunxing Gu, Tianjian Li, Xiaohong Ding

Corresponding Author

Chunxing Gu


In recent years, many colleges and universities at home and abroad are actively studying the new practice training mode of engineering education. The Project-based learning (PBL) mode with students as the main body of practice is widely studied. Meanwhile, it is of great theoretical and practical significance for students to establish correct values and outlook on life. Therefore, this paper developed a multi-scale closed-loop feedback PBL mode for engineering courses based on the Ideological and political education (IPE). Developing students' knowledge and ability was focused. Taking mechanical design, the basic course of technology major in engineering colleges, as an example, the way to implement the developed PBL mode with IPE was analysed. It could provide a reference for the new engineering teaching Integration for talent training.


Project-based learning; Mechanical design; Ideological and political education; Closed-loop feedback