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Research on the Teaching Reform of Mcu Course Based on Virtual Simulation Technology in Junior College

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.101


Xiaojie Tang, Yuanlin Li, Yihang Ding

Corresponding Author

Xiaojie Tang


MCU course plays an important role in the curriculum system of mechanical and electrical specialty. This paper introduces the current teaching situation of MCU course in junior college, and puts forward corresponding reform measures in teaching objectives, teaching content and teaching means. The teaching objectives and teaching contents that are more in line with the learning situation of junior college students. The project-driven teaching method is used, the virtual simulation technology is introduced into the teaching, and the order of “do it first, teach it and then do it again” is adopted in classroom teaching, so that students can learn with questions. The practice has showed that this new teaching mode has achieved good results in junior college teaching.


Virtual simulation technology; Proteus; Mcu course; Teaching reform