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The Application Analysis of Dalcroze’s Eurythmics in the Experiential Teaching on the Music Class of Junior Middle School

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.098


Siqi Zhao

Corresponding Author

Siqi Zhao


“Experiential teaching” is a teaching method to explore and understand things through practice and the relationship between subject and object. How to strengthen students' sense of experience in teaching is the key point. This article uses Dalcroze’s eurythmics as a starting point to explore the application of the experiential music classroom in junior high school with Dalcroze’s eurythmics integrated in and comprehensively analyze the music classroom design of junior high school. This paper provides a good means for exploring the application of experiential teaching method and developing the music classroom in junior middle school.


Dalcroze’s eurythmics; Experience teaching method; Junior high school music classroom; Application