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Analysis on the Application of Interactive Teaching Method in College Vocal Music Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.097



Corresponding Author



Vocal music pays attention to both artistry and technicality. In college vocal music teaching, teachers should not only pay attention to training students to master rich vocal music knowledge, improve vocal music skills, but also need to guide students to integrate into their own emotions and experience the artistry. In this process, the interaction between teachers and students is indispensable. Therefore, teachers can use interactive teaching method to carry out vocal music teaching, create a good atmosphere to mobilize students’ enthusiasm and initiative to participate in this activity, so that students can absorb vocal music knowledge, convey their own ideas and problems to teachers, so as to realize effective communication of information, build a good relationship between teachers and students, and correct their own problems under the guidance and help of teachers. Therefore, in the future teaching, college vocal music teachers should realize the importance of interactive teaching method, adjust the application of this teaching mode according to the development characteristics of students, and construct an efficient vocal music classroom.


College vocal music; Interactive teaching; Application