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On the Integration of British and American Literature Reading into College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.095


Wenyi Pan

Corresponding Author

Wenyi Pan


British and American literary works contain rich English culture and knowledge, which is the most basic form of expression. Applying them in college English teaching can effectively improve the shortcomings of traditional teaching, enrich the teaching content in the classroom, stimulate students' interest in reading, lead students to explore the cultural connotation of British and American literature, carry out spiritual and cultural experience, improve students' understanding ability, help students master appropriate learning methods and improve their English comprehensive quality. Therefore, college English teachers should recognize the educational value of British and American literature works, carry out thematic reading activities, guide students into classroom activities, set questions, stimulate students' thinking to make them analyze the culture and value of British and American literature from multiple perspectives, enrich students' knowledge reserve and promote their rapid development.


College english; British and american cultural works; Reading