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Research on the Mutual Reference and Integration of Bel Canto and National Singing in Vocal Music Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.089



Corresponding Author



With the fast development of China’s economy, China’s culture is also in the stage of diversified development, and the exchange of music culture between China and the west is becoming more and more frequent, which also promotes the level of vocal music education in China. With the internationalization and modernization of educational ideas and concepts, the commonness of music has built a broad platform for vocal music teaching, and built a bridge of reference and integration between modern bel canto singing and traditional national singing. This paper mainly compares bel canto with national singing, and according to the existing problems in vocal music teaching, puts forward the vocal music teaching strategy of realizing the mutual reference and integration of bel canto and national singing.


Vocal music teaching; Bel canto singing; National singing; Reference and integration