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The Application of Blended Teaching Mode in Language Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.088


Xiaoya Huang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoya Huang


Quality education puts forward stricter requirements for higher education in universities, and promotes the reform and innovation of traditional education. In language education, teachers adopt blended teaching mode to promote the integration of multi culture and language education, innovate language classroom and create a good environment for students. Teachers can also use information technology to provide students with rich learning resources, promote the effective combination of bilingual education and other disciplines, guide students to actively participate in the classroom learning activities of language education, help them master their own learning methods, establish the awareness of autonomous learning, construct English and Chinese knowledge framework, and improve students' language literacy. Therefore, college language teachers should realize the advantages and values of blended teaching mode, promote the implementation of blended teaching mode in language education, and improve the quality and efficiency of language education.


Blended teaching mode; Language education; Application