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Research on International Students' Participation in Sports and Interaction between Chinese and Foreign Sports Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.085


Kaijie Chen

Corresponding Author

Kaijie Chen


Sports is one of the components of culture and an important expression form. With the improvement of China's international status, the number and scale of overseas students in China have been expanding. International students can strengthen cultural exchanges with Chinese students through the form of sports, so as to realize the exchange activities of Chinese and foreign sports culture, and also promote the traditional Chinese sports culture to enjoy a certain reputation internationally. At the same time, China can adjust the curriculum content according to the development of international students, enrich the traditional sports forms, introduce excellent teacher resources, stimulate the participation interests of international students, promote the exchange and interaction between Chinese and foreign sports culture and improve the internationalization level of physical education in China.


International students; Sports; Chinese and foreign sports culture