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Construction and Practice of Higher Vocational Curriculum System under 1+X Certificate System--1+X certificate system pilot based on industrial robot application programming

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.081


Tang Xinggui, Ma Zhiyan, He Wenyun, Zhao Guohong

Corresponding Author

Tang Xinggui


Based on the policy and standard requirements of industrial robot application programming skill level certificate, combined with the analysis and deconstruction of domestic industry status and professional post ability requirements, this paper reconstructs the professional curriculum system from several aspects such as professional core curriculum, professional curriculum and professional development curriculum, and integrates the examination content of certificate training into professional curriculum to form a curriculum system composed of two coherent main lines. The contents of the course are connected, supplemented, expanded and promoted. The constructed curriculum system fully integrates the training and assessment content of 1 + X vocational skill level certificate, which lays a certain foundation for the assessment and certification of subsequent certificates, and has a certain reference for the curriculum setting of talent training program of industrial robot specialty in higher vocational colleges.


1+x; Industrial robot application programming; Curriculum system; Structure