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Innovation of Music Communication Strategy Based on Comparative Analysis of Chinese and Foreign Music Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.080


Yuanyang Yue

Corresponding Author

Yuanyang Yue


Music is the product of the development of human society to a certain extent, and it is an important part of human civilization. When the regional differences of human culture are formed, the differences of music will follow. With the promotion of mass communication, music culture has infiltrated into people's life more and more, and has become an important part of life, thus making music education enter a new era. With the rapid development of mass media, music culture, as an important content of information dissemination, has been widely spread, which has a great impact on music education for the purpose of spreading music culture. Music, like language, has a strong nationality. The differences of nationality and region will make the music art different. Music has a unique form of expression, the most direct impact on people, the most intense and profound emotions. Based on the comparative analysis of Chinese and foreign music education methods, this paper discusses the innovative development ideas of music communication strategies in the era of mass communication.


Music culture; Education; Dissemination; Contrast