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On the Countermeasures of Patriotic Education for College Students in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.076


Chen Wei

Corresponding Author

Chen Wei


Economic globalization, Internet popularization, and the period of social transformation have brought opportunities for China’s social development, but also brought great challenges, especially in the patriotism education of college students, the patriotism education of college students is facing a student mentality. Profound changes, multicultural thoughts strongly impact students’ values, the explosion of Internet information tests students’ thinking skills, and emphasizes theory over practice and other related issues. Constructing a “knowledge-trust-action” patriotism education model, starting from the establishment of a patriotism knowledge education system, a patriotism emotional cultivation system, and a patriotism practice system, forming a patriotism cultivation of “input-internalization-output” Process and work promotion system, fully grasp the time and space dimensions, content dimensions, and subject dimensions of patriotism education, properly handle the internal relations of patriotism education, highlight the characteristics of patriotism education, and continuously improve the effectiveness of patriotism education.


New era; College students; Patriotism education