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Research on the Construction of Applied Talents Cultivation of Art Design Major under the Background of Transition

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.071


Qinghong Hu

Corresponding Author

Qinghong Hu


The transitional background means that my country’s market economy is facing a huge turning point. It has gradually changed from a labor-centric industry to a knowledge-core industry, and the operation of enterprises has also changed from basic materials to knowledge. It can be seen that there is enough the level of knowledge and ability of contemporary young people is necessary and a prerequisite for them to get better jobs. In my country’s art and design majors, the problem that always exists is that talents have excessive theoretical abilities and lack of practical ability. In specific tasks, they cannot always complete the work effectively. This means that although such talents have rich knowledge and abilities, they cannot apply. In response to such situations, this article will start with the importance of the cultivation of applied talents in art design under the background of transformation, and comprehensively conduct research on the construction of applied talents training in art design under the background of transformation.


Transformation background; Art design major; Applied talents; Talent training