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Exploration and Practice of Collaborative Innovation Education Model for Industrial Robot Technology Major in Higher Vocational Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.070


Wenyun He, Guohong Zhao, Xinggui Tang

Corresponding Author

Wenyun He


As our country enters a new stage of development, the transformation of enterprises is aimed at high-quality development, and enterprises have put forward higher requirements for the quality of talents in higher vocational training. The application of industrial robot technology is an important part of intelligent manufacturing. As a world manufacturing country, my country needs a large number of industrial robot technical talents. How to train high-quality industrial robot technology professionals suitable for the development of enterprises in higher vocational colleges is a major topic in higher vocational colleges; this article analyzes the current problems in the education and teaching of industrial robot technology in higher vocational schools, and discusses the major in industrial robot technology The necessity of developing a collaborative innovation education model finally puts forward a school-enterprise collaborative innovation education model for higher vocational industrial robot technology.


Higher vocational education; Industrial robot technology major; Collaborative innovation; Educational model; Exploration and practice