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A Cross-Cultural Comparative Study of the Identity of Chinese and American Pre-Service Physical Education Teachers

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.069


Feng Yingna, Wenhui Tan

Corresponding Author

Wenhui Tan


With the development of the globalized economy, China's diversified culture, ideas and educational concepts are gradually developing towards internationalization, among which pre-service physical education has gradually become a key content of international competition. Pre-service PE teachers are in the initial period of educational development, and the identity of PE teachers is still in a vague stage, that is, the lack of clear identity determination, self-identity, emotional identity and cultural identity, and no understanding of the profession of PE teachers. Not conducive to the development of physical education after college birthday. Therefore, colleges and universities should pay full attention to this issue, take the initiative to help students understand the profession of physical education teachers, cultivate students' identification with physical education teachers, improve the core qualities of physical education of students, and strengthen the professional skills of physical education. This article elaborates the basic concepts of identity, analyzes and compares the path of pre-service physical education teachers 'identity identification between China and the United States, and explores the path of building pre-service physical education teachers' identity. It aims to provide a reference for helping China's physical education develop better and faster.


Chinese and american pre-service physical education teachers; Identity; Cross-cultural comparison