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An Exploration of College Physical Education Teaching Strategies Based on Lifelong Physical Education Consciousness

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.068


Zhang Junhua, Wei Haiyang

Corresponding Author

Zhang Junhua


As an important concept in the new era of college physical education, lifelong physical education aims to call on college students to form the habit of lifelong physical education, so as to acquire more sports knowledge, sports skills and health awareness. Therefore, this article will be lifetime sports as the research object, analyzing the value of lifetime sports consciousness of college physical education teaching for enhancing students' health consciousness, enrich students' knowledge and improve the students' sports skills, and then put forward under the lifelong sports consciousness, university sports teaching strategies, one is relying on in lifetime sports theory to improve college PE teaching fun, 2 it is based on theory of lifetime sports to enhance the university teaching quality of sports, three is on lifetime sports theory to optimize the university sports teaching mode, four is on lifetime sports theory to enrich the teaching of college sports activities, which can effectively promote the rapid development of colleges and universities sports teaching.


Lifelong physical education; Health awareness; Sports skills