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Research on the Multi-Discipline Integration and Collaborative Education Mechanism of Enterprise Management from the Perspective of Industrial Clusters

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.058


Dong Jing, Gao Jianjun, Dong Wanying

Corresponding Author

Gao Jianjun


Paying attention to discipline construction is very important for local universities and it is related to the development and promotion of colleges and universities. The discipline construction of colleges and universities can not only promote the development of school scientific research, teaching and research, but also effectively promote the development of industrial clusters. The discipline construction of local ordinary universities is to enhance the ability of discipline organizations in knowledge production. The focus of discipline construction must highlight scientific, knowledge, and practicality. If a discipline has characteristics and content, it must surround the regional industrial clusters and be based on the industrial chain. Disciplinary construction is rooted in the industry field, and then clarifies the knowledge field as the research focus, diversified integration, collaborative education, and win-win development. Focusing on industrial clusters, the implementation of the diversified integration of government, schools and enterprises, collaborative education, and the improvement of education mechanisms can effectively promote the innovation, construction and development of enterprise management disciplines.


Industrial clusters; Business management disciplines; Collaborative education