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Research on the Reform of University Teachers' Salary System from the Perspective of Internation

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2020.056


Li Sun, Jianhua Kong

Corresponding Author

Li Sun


In today's fiercely changing world, the competition in higher education among countries is actually the competition for the level of university teachers, and salary as a direct incentive for teacher performance has become the top priority in the field of university teacher management in all countries. Many countries have prioritized the reform and improvement of college teachers' salary system as one of the important topics, and some even regard the quality of the teacher's salary system as the key to the success of higher education reform. The study of the reform of the salary system for college teachers has important practical significance for straightening out the salary relationship, overcoming the egalitarianism in salary distribution, mobilizing the enthusiasm and innovation of college staff, and enhancing the school's development stamina and competitiveness.


University teachers’ salary; International perspective; System reform study